Official website : http://www.hops.hr/

On the basis of the licence issued by the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA), next to the legally binding tasks of operation of the Croatian power system, transmission of electricity, maintenance, development and construction of the high voltage transmission network objects of 400, 220 and 110 kV voltage levels, HOPS is upgrading the support to the development and functioning of the Croatian electricity market, taking into account its integration with EU internal electricity market and those of Energy Community Contracting Parties.

The Croatian transmission network is one of the strongest cross-border interconnected transmission networks in Europe with over 30 interconnected lines with neighbouring electricity transmission system operators at all transmission voltage levels. It represents a strong "bridge" between Central East and South East Europe.

Upon performing significant investment into the construction of interconnected cross-border capacities in the last 15 years, today's emphasis of HOPS's development activities are directed towards strengthening the elements of internal transmission network which will effectively increase available cross-border capacities for the allocation to the market participants.