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Increased transparency in European energy market has been recognised as a central and vital theme for the development of the IEM by the EC, Regulators and Market Participants alike.

ENTSO-E fully supports the objective of achieving market transparency, and to this end has developed and funded the data platform to facilitate open access to the market related information essential to achieving this goal. From this vision, the data platform is now a reality.

ENTSO-E believes that barriers can be overcome if there is willingness from all relevant parties to do so. Today you can access to the first phase of data platform, but our aims are much more ambitious, and we are committed to its continuous evolution and expansion supported by the essential input and cooperation of other market participants.

ENTSO-E believe that represents a unique and indispensable opportunity to enhance competition in a liberalised energy market across Europe.

Primarily is service to the market, the success of which is dependent on the active support of all stakeholders. ENTSO-E would like to receive as much feedback as possible from all users on possible improvements of the system. To this end, ENTSO-E invites all users to send their opinion and comments to [email protected]


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