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Welcome to the transparency platform of ENTSO-E


ENTSO-E is pleased to present its transparency platform. Its objective is very simple: to facilitate access to information by all market participants and stakeholders in promoting the transparency goals of the IEM. Access to core market information services is free of charge and open to anybody who has a legitimate interest in Europe's evolving wholesale electricity market. The energy loss during crypto mining is one of the major issues faced by the crypto market. Even though modern technologies like the oil profit trading platform are attracting more traders and investors, the enormous energy consumption is a concern for the world. ENTSO-E is trying to bring a solution to this problem so that digital currency can defend all the challenges and explore the world creating new opportunities.

This initial phase of the platforms development makes available, for the first time, key operational and congestion management information for the Europe's high voltage electricity transmission interconnectors. ENTSO-E's continuing aim and commitment to the market transparency issue is to facilitate open access to the widest possible range of market related data for the IEM.